Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Happy beautiful LEAP day.
I thought I would share a few pretty images that have inspired me this week…. with you to send your deco desires whirling.
I want one of these soon. I have the vintage fan. I have a spool. Hmmmmm.
Pinned Image
We might need two in fact. One for me. One for Jax. Isn’t it a DOLL?
Image via skcnis

And since I told you about my pink typewriter…I’ll need a pink camera too!
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Pink makes me think of Spring for some reason. And I don’t know about you, but I’m SUPER happy it’s time for warmer days!
Spring colors….like those found in vintage sheets.
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What’s on my mind in addition to Spring….everything chickens. I’m so excited about our new babies.
If I could have any backyard chicken coop in the world…I’d say it would have to be this one.
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For the love of gravy and all things Southern. I love this coop. Mark my word, we will have a chandelier too ( I have a mini one just waiting for the perfect home…and a I plan on making a cute sign that says….CLUCKINGHAM PALACE!
Oh it’s going to be such cute FUN!
Guess I need to add a Pinterest Board now…Chicken Love.

P.S. Tomorrow I have a BIG REVIEW...and it has an even BIGGER giveaway. Like a $100 Wal-mart giftcard!!!!!! Whoooooop whooooooop!! Tell your Mamma, your Granny, your Aunt Fay and Uncle Bob...and EVERYONE else you can think of!