Thursday, January 26, 2012

Toddler Valentine Painting Project

Hello there! I came across this toddler painting project from last year and thought I would re-post it! I can’t believe how little Jax looks! Awwww!!

Click HERE to read the entire post/tutorial.

01-19-2010 057_thumb[2]

Hope your week is going great!

I’ve been on a GOOFY roll lately. Yesterday I had a flat tire on my car---30 miles from home. My Dad came to rescue! And after he was finished putting the spare tire on…do you know what I did? I locked my keys and purse in my car!! Aaaahh!!! Luckily Jaxon was with my Mom because I had a lunch meeting, but 3 almost 4 hours later…I finally made it home.

Good gravy!!! I haven’t done something silly like that in awhile so I guess I was due.


The 2012 Spring semester is in full swing this week too! Graduate school….is back in session! I can feel the stress/pressure already. Deep breaths! =) LOL!

I’m listening to an audiobook of Henry Fielding’s “Joseph Andrews” as I type this. Multi-tasking!! This time next week I will be packing to head back to Alpine for my first weekend class. I can’t wait!