Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Toddler Craft: Painting a Wooden Snake

It has snowed again in our area. Didn't I mention that already? I'm sorry, we just aren't used to so much winter weather. It has been nice to stay in stay cozy at home! Luckily I had a few crafties on hand that I planned for Jax this week.

I found this snake kit at Micheal's. I love their little wooden painting projects. They are precious. And only $1.00. They change them out with the seasons and holidays so there is always something new.

They come with a wooden project, paints and a brush. Super easy way to have a sweet craft time with your sweet pea.

Jaxon LOVED his snake.

It's pretty BOY durable too...thank goodness.

The snake turned out pretty cute. For an upside-down-painted snake! Ha ha!

I think sometimes it might seem overwhelming to plan out a craft/art time with your kiddos if you are busy and taking care of 50 gazillion other things. This is a frugal and simple solution! And they are BIG hit! Try one soon and I promise you will LOVE them!

Have a BLESSED day!