Friday, August 26, 2011

Ooooh Yaaaay!

Hi friends! I am blogging from the MOUNTAINS! I'm in Alpine for my first weekend of grad classes. I'm super DORKED OUT. I brought my laptop..and my printer. And I have my whole little office set-up in my cute little cottage. So awesome! I finalized all my registration stuff when we drove into town I'm good to go for in the morning! THOREAU all day tomorrow...and half of Sunday! Fun times!!

As I mentioned earlier this week, we went to another set of mountins, the Guadalupe National Park and hiked the McKittrick Canyon trail. It was SO FUN! And Jax did SO GOOD!! I was so proud of him!! Here's a few pictures I took...because you know I lugged my camera up the trail!!!

The bestest little hiker ever! I was so proud of how great he did!

I've got some MORE really neato ones that I entered into a special contest!! I actually just found out I won so I'm SUPER excited!! Stay tuned! I'll be in class and exploring this precious little town. I  probably won't be blogging until we get home! I hope you all have an INSPIRED and BLESSED weekend!!!