Monday, August 15, 2011

Friendship Bracelet Swap 2011–follow up!

Happy Monday sweet cheeks! Hope your weekend was restful and marvelous. Mine was very restful…and overall pretty marvelous.

Today I wanted to show off all my cute bracelets I received from my fab-dabulous blog sistas! Remember how I told you to bust out your Swatch phones and Electric Youth perfume….and hurry your hinies up to sign up for the….


Well…I hope you DID! If not – you really missed out! It was SO FUN! Getting crafty mail is as exciting as CHRISTMAS! It’s way TOO FUN!

See all my goodies….

bracelets 008

Treasures from like-minded crafty sistas – it just doesn’t’ get any better than that!

bracelets 004

I was pretty lucky if I do say so myself. My trade partners are pretty awesome ladies.

bracelets 005

bracelets 013

Although I do have to confess, I didn’t make mine. With my brother being here on leave, on top of a book review and all of my regular editing and photography work…there was no time to make a cute bracelet. But FYI – I did go to Hobby Lobby in an attempt to put a cute “alternative” bracelet together…and found pre-made friendship bracelets. Thank you bunches Hobby Lobby! They were SUPER cute too!

But these ladies…made theirs. And they ROCK!

bracelets 011

bracelets 007

My brother brought me a pretty special bracelet too. Not knowing anything about my little trade. What perfect timing! He had a friend make it out of parachute cord. He told me I had to wear it forever. I bawled…and he made fun of me. [Those tough military guys – who would cry at a bracelet!?! That’s what he asked me! Ha ha!! I WOULD!]] Anyone who has a loved one in the military, who is back and forth from the Iraq/Afghanistan efforts knows…that something like that isn’t taken lightly. Of course I will wear it f.o.r.e.v.e.r.

bracelets 006

Hmmmm…it looks like I got my wrist-ful of bracelets…just like I wanted!

bracelets 021

bracelets 022

If you didn’t sign up this time…watch out for the next round!! You must participate!! Trading friendship bracelets with bloggie girls…is SU-PAH THUMBS UP FUN!!


bracelets 020


Click HERE if you want to see the original post  by Ruffled Sunshine about the trade to bookmark it so you can participate next time!!


Have a ROCKIN’ BLESSED  beginning of the week!