Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Jaxon’s room

Over time I’ve mentioned how I have re-painted Jaxon’s bed…and how I have transitioned the room from baby to toddler.
However, I have never really featured the entire room as it is now. So to start the new year off with a BANG…I thought I would feature my finished project!
This was Summer 2009 when I painted the bed and first started changing things up a bit! Jaxy was so WITTLE…he still had his BINKY! That’s seems like SO long ago!
Jaxon Bed 096
Jaxon Bed 121
Jaxon Bed 111
Jaxon Bed 127
Lot’s of things have changed since the summer…including now being a single Mom. But that hasn’t stopped me from making sure that he has a CUTE room. It’s not all brand new Pottery Barn…but it’s plenty spiffy to me!
Here is his BIG BOY room as it is now as of January 2011.
Jaxon 021
Jaxon 119
Jaxon 114
Jaxon 026
There are usually MUCH more cars and trucks on this shelf {I scored from an estate sale} but the rest are scattered THROUGHOUT my house of course! I really love this little shelf. Perfect for HOT WHEELS and a little BOYS room!
Jaxon 027
Chicken-wire memo board I made for his room. Simple…paint a frame…staple-gun chicken-wire on the back and VIOLA…memo board!
Jaxon 028
Jaxon’s art table I painted for him. The table is actually a coffee table. The chairs I had painted for him to go with a smaller table. I loved them with this table and did a little switcheroo.
Jaxon 029
Jaxon 036
Jaxon 032
Jaxon’s toy shelf which was headed for the trash before it was SAVED and re-painted. It is PERFECT for toys.
Jaxon 038
Jaxon 043
Jaxon 047
Jaxon 048
Jaxon 063
I love Jaxon’s star quilt. A BIG score from EBAY. I want to get a BIGGER one someday! I also scored his airplane sheets & throw pillow from KMART online. Love them too.
Jaxon 101
Jaxon 106
Jaxon 120
Jax has really started to hang out a lot in his BIG BOY room. It’s really sweet!
Jaxon 053
Jaxon 056
Jaxon 070
I tried to be FRUGALLY-FABULOUSLY-CREATIVE when using items for his toy storage and just for GENERAL storage. No…I didn’t PURPOSLY do anything fabulous…but I did find some FRUGAL things to use that turned out CUTE!
My favorite item is the painted diaper boxes. Yeppers…these little jewels…
Jaxon 071
that hold ALL of these TOYS….
Jaxon 073
are simply…diaper boxes that I spray painted…you know it…and then I just hot-glued ribbon to the top for a little pizazz.  {prime your boxes first…I’m just sayin…it will cut down on the amount of spray paint you will use!}
If you have a baby or toddler…you have TONS of these boxes! And the best part of this project…you can COLOR COORDINATE them FOR ANY room and/or color THEME.  Suuuuweeeeeet!
I also used über cheap…BASKETS for lot’s of storage. I only paid retail for one of these baskets…a very long time ago. The rest are thrifty treasures. {this picture really cracks me up…yes my son took a BITE out of his football.}
Jaxon 074
Jaxon 023
Jaxon 075
I also LOVE Jaxon’s art table because it creates EVEN MORE storage room. These lovely didees go from this….
Jaxon 080
To this….
Jaxon 078
in just a simple slide!
One last cheap crafty that I created for Jaxon’s room are his star-peg coat hanger..thingies…ha ha ha.
I actually made these before he was born…which is just crazy. They were a part of his baby room. Awwwww…back when he just laid there and looked sweet…instead of grafitti-ing my couch and stuffing Doritos in the bathroom towels. LOL!
I bought the little star-pegs from Hobby Lobby for a whopping $0.99…don’t believe me…ssssheck it out….
Jaxon 110
I then painted them various colors…like this one….
Jaxon 108
They are on Jax’s door now to catch all his coats…jackets…hats…and whatever else!
Jaxon 045
I also made this little name thingy…from Hobby Lobby goodies. I was not taking that down…but the letters are über cheap there too! I cut out letters from magazines and MODGED them on. Super easie peasie!
Jaxon 113
My favorite sentimental object in his room is this little letter…his BEST FRIEND Devan wrote him on the day he was born. He brought it to Jax when he came to meet him at the hospital for the first time. And now they are bestest buds. It’s just so cute. The first line says…. “Welcome to the world Baby Jaxon….”  *tear*
Jaxon 122
Jaxon 123
Well goodness gravy…this is my LONGEST post ever in my WHOLE BLOG LIFE. LOL. Hopefully you enjoyed it…and maybe even got a few ideas for your OWN kiddos rooms! 
And just FYI…his room NEVER stays that clean. I had cleaned up and ran to get the camera QUICK..before TAZ hit and it was a destruction zone once again!
I mentioned around Christmas time that I was going to talk about a new direction for Easie Peasie after the first of the new year.
It’s not at all anything really that different I don’t guess. But, I intend to use the next year to show how I survive…make things cute…and have a HAPPY CUTE COZY home…despite a divorce…and despite being a single Mom. {I have finally embraced it…and I’m not embarrassed anymore to say that…I am a SINGLE MOM…and I ROCK! LOL!}
I also hope to show my journey towards not just a BEAUTIFUL life but a SIMPLE MEANINGFUL and ABUNDANT life. From my home…to my blog…to my entire life. I want things to be simpler…and beautiful…and with abundance only found from paring down and getting back to SIMPLICITY.
I want my life to reflect more faith…more love….more beauty…and LESS chaos…less clutter…less junk. And I truly believe anyone can live a BEAUTIFUL yet SIMPLE life…married or not.
I am on a journey to find that life. God has a beautiful life for Jaxon and I…and every day…we discover more beauty and blessings.
So many blogs that I read feature the “cookie cutter” family. The perfect husband…cute wife and beautiful kids etc. Easie Peasie started out that type of blog…and over time has morphed into something completely opposite. And I’m totally okay with that!♥
It does feature my life as I know it…in my crazy-beautiful single Mamma life.
Most days my last concern is cute pillows or the latest home design trends. I am usually trying to make sure Jax and I have food on the table and a roof over our heads.
But this little bloggie is my journal of the creative expressions I do have…when I do have a little bit of time to spare for something artistic!
I love GOD… I love my son….I love to make things pretty…I love doing projects with Jaxon…and I have this huge DESIRE to keep things in our life simple..frugal…and beautiful.
I hope that Easie Peasie will reflect that in 2011.  I am so looking forward to the new year…and new projects of the future! I hope you will continue join me on this crazy little adventure! Thanks SO MUCH for reading!!!
Have a SUPER day!

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affectioknit said...

What an AWESOME room for a little boy! (or big boy) - I love the truck car holder - so neat!

Anonymous said...

The cutest Big Boy room ever! I have always told you that you should start your own company! Your so creative and amazing! Awesome blog...I cant wait to read more. You inspire everyone who reads it! Love you! B

tracylynne said...

Hi Tiffany,
You have inspired me to finish my little guys room-he is a toddler too!! I love your positive outlook despite some obstacles keep posting!!!

Anonymous said...

Sister you are an inspiration to everyone! I love you and love Jaxon and LOOK forward to what 2011 brings for all of us!! This post is PRECIOUS as are you!! So PROUD of who you are and have become despite all OBSTACLES!! Couldn't ask for a better blessing, by being able to call you my BFF!! Loves!! Lorie :)

WhisperWood Cottage said...

Jaxon is one lucky boy! You've done this room in the simple, frugal, and beautiful way that is important to you. Happy 2011! Thanks for linking up at WWC!

My Greenbrae Cottage said...

I just linked to this post on my blog!!

scone said...

When my exam is over, I'm totally overhauling the kids rooms. You have given me such inspiration! Thank heaps!

Dee Fox said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the diaper box to a toy box idea. Now I can use them for more than recycling. Lol But really, I think that was an original n great idea. And it's no big deal if the ' toy box' breaks. Love it!! Thanks :)