Sunday, September 26, 2010

Farm Fun….

At least once a week you can find Jax and I mingling at my parents house…a.k.a. The Farm. We always have tons of fun…good food and plenty of roaming around playing and visiting the animals! Jax LOVES to help around the farm too!!

09-25-2010 MomS Camera 002

We had a practice-run to dress up for Halloween…there’s a few kinks to fix…such as a gun holster that’s slightly too big!! But I’m betting he’ll be the cutest cowboy ever though!! Now if I could just find a way to make him keep his hat on!!

09-25-2010 MomS Camera 009

He gets a tad aggravated at all the pictures…LOL…love this!

09-25-2010 MomS Camera 045

09-25-2010 MomS Camera 054

One of my Mom’s MANY chickens!!

09-25-2010 MomS Camera 053

Dove hide out at the farm during hunting season. Seriously so funny…they line every power line around the house.

09-25-2010 MomS Camera 102 09-25-2010 MomS Camera 100

You just can’t beat West Texas sunsets. Love it!!!

09-25-2010 MomS Camera 104

My Mom gave me a set of wind-chimes that were my grandmothers. Jaxon thought they were great to drag around. Oh my heavens.

09-25-2010 MomS Camera 106

09-25-2010 MomS Camera 129

09-25-2010 MomS Camera 163

09-25-2010 MomS Camera 191

Every “helping” picture cracks me up. Jax gets really serious about helping out…he especially LOVES to feed the horses. It’s just so funny how much he gets into it!!

Hope you are having a SUPERB weekend!!


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Brook said...

How adorable! My grandparents had retired and leased their farm land out by the time I came around, but I still loved my time in the country...Nebraska that is. :)