Sunday, July 18, 2010

Amazon backyards-summertime fun & white paint love

We have been up to our ears in fun, activities, projects and grass!! Thanks to all of the wonderful rain our front and backyards look amazing. Considering when we first moved in we had dirt with a few weeds…our backyard has done a complete 360 in the past couple of years (thank goodness).
July 18 2010 Phone pics 233
It’s finally pretty and a place where we enjoy spending our mornings and evenings. Jax especially loves his backyard play-time. He also loves to help work on things such as hammering wood and even….helping his Dad mow. He thinks he’s really BIG.
July 18 2010 Phone pics 234
July 18 2010 Phone pics 236
He loves to mow…almost as much as he loves those boots. Which I might add are a tad too big…but he could care less. He loves to hear them click on the floor and when he goes outside…he thinks he must have them on. It’s really quite funny and precious.
July 18 2010 Phone pics 246
When this little boy works…he gives 110%. He’s very serious. And it’s very cute. He doesn’t even stop to smile.
July 18 2010 Phone pics 249
July 18 2010 Phone pics 259
Can’t you just see how hard this little boy has been working.
July 18 2010 Phone pics 260
July 18 2010 Phone pics 266
He is 100% all boy.
July 18 2010 Phone pics 262
And his Mamma loves him {and his boots} oh so very much!!!
He was very excited when our neighbor popped in for a visit too!
July 18 2010 Phone pics 273
I just think these pics are too cute.
July 18 2010 Phone pics 274
So anywho…we’ve been working on lot’s of goodies around here in Easie Peasie land. I can’t wait to get everything posted. But in between summertime fun…I get distracted and behind!!
I did paint my pretty little French desk…which looked like this…
Moms Camera 135
June 29 2010 012
….and it now looks like this!
July 07 2010 123b
July 07 2010 158
July 07 2010 165
July 07 2010 145
I can’t wait to reveal what I’ve done with this pile-of-lovin’-junk-mess!!!
July 07 2010 195