Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday doodles….

I’m super obsessed with graphics and photography. {Hmmm…you knew that already}

I found some great sayings that I want to {play with} and make little clip-art picture thinga-ma-bobbies. Yeppers…those things.

Made one this afternoon…and it’s now time to get back to editing for work.


That’s right cowboys and cowgirls…pull those boots up….and SADDLE UP! John Wayne said so…SO IT IS SO. I’m totally in that KIND OF MOOD these days. It’s absolutely marvelous.

I’m painting a floor in between my {REAL} work stuff. It’s so darn cute that I’m tickled pink with myself. Sometimes I’m too cool for myself! Oh my gravy….so funny…and I’m soooo kidding!! But it REALLY is FABULOUS. Is it possible to be smitten with a FLOOR???

Adios chickadees…and chickadoos….

LoVe…PeAcE….and ChIcKeN GrEaSe!!


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Anonymous said...

Tiffy.... I LOVE THIS! I am going to add it to my "Inspiring Stuff" page on my blog, if you are okay with that? Love you!